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Rockhead's is Racine and Kenosha's premier gaming store with hundreds of games, including board games, card games, table top miniatures, and role-playing games.

Check out our open gaming space -- it's the largest in the area. Join our family friendly community where you will make new friends and have fun!

Our large, in-store game library is available for your enjoyment. You do not need to join a club or pay a fee to play any of our library games.

Note: The 1st floor space is available whenever the store is open, on a first come basis. We also have a very large 2nd floor gaming space, which is used for tournaments, private events/parties, and overflow gaming (including FNM). If you would like to schedule an event using the 2nd floor space, please call us at 262-657-5655.


We have comics and graphic novels for all ages and the largest selection of variant covers in the area.

Our free comic book subscription service begins with 3 titles. Subscribers receive 10% off all new comics, current comics, and comic supplies, including bags, boards, and boxes.

See our comics page for more information and the list of new comics arriving each Wednesday.

Special Orders and Pre-Orders

Don't see what you want on our shelves? Want to make sure you get that item as soon as it is released? Ask us about special ordering or pre-ordering your comic and game related items.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available in any denomination. They are always in style and never expire!

Regular Store Activities

* Yu-Gi-Oh (starts 1pm)
* HeroClix (starts 6pm)
* Kenosha Steampunk meets 2nd Mon from 6-9pm
* Kenosha Steampunk meets 4th Wed from 5-7pm
* Open gaming noon to 8pm
* Open gaming noon to 7pm
* Open gaming starting at noon
* Wisconsin's #1 Gaming Group (starts 6pm)
* Friday Night Magic (starts 6pm)
* Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Tournament Style Play occurs every 3rd Fri (starts at 7 pm)
* Exalted RPG (starts 1pm, does not meet 1st Sat of month)
* Learn to Hack (starts 2pm)

News and Special Events

Star Trek Attack Wing (by WizKids) - Come play a tactical space combat game set in the Star Trek universe. Want to play, but don’t know how? That’s OK because we can teach you. Play will occur with any size group. If enough people decide to play on a regular basis, Allen will schedule manufacturer-sponsored events that include prizes and participation awards (which are only available at these events). Day/time is still open - if you are interested in joining in on the fun contact Live long and prosper!

Black Weekend Sale - Friday (11/28) through Monday (12/1) - check our facebook page for more info!

Sunday 12/7 - Kindred Kitties Catfight III - 500 Silver, no Resources or Entities. Support Kindred Kitties in this charity event! Your team must include at least one character with the "Animal" keyword, and "Animal" will be considered a named keyword for this event. Fee $5, plus $1 raffle tickets for some really great items!

12/20 - 40K Tournament - Fee $10. Setup starts 10am, first dice fall at 11am. 3 rounds (4 if needed) of approximately 3 hours each (including deployment). Players are expected to play all rounds. Prizes will be based on attendance (100% of entrance fees go to prizes), sportsmanship prize based on opponent and judge's feedback.
- 7th Edition Rules from Core book; current Codex required and supplemental Codexes allowed; new units provided in White Dwarf allowed; Imperial Armour allowed if stamped with Warhammer 40K Approved - note: Codex, supplemental Codexes, White Dwarf, and Imperial Armour book, digital copy, and/or printouts (as appropriate) must be in hand!
- 3,000 point army; may be Battle-forged or Unbound; allies allowed; 1 Super-Heavy Vehicle or Gargantuan Monstrous Creature allowed from either Codex, Escalation or Imperial Armour
- No Stronghold Assault, except Aegis Defense line with optional Corns Relay or Quad Gun and Vengeance Weapon Batteries with Punisher or Battlecannon
- No Death from the Skies, Formations, Dataslates, or Horus Heresy era army lists
- Models should be WYSIWYG, no painting requirements
- Judges will setup terrain, which may include buildings, hills, forests, debris, craters, etc.
- Your judges for this tournament are Maggie Teach and Aaron Keener

12/27 - Nightfall a Vampire the Masquerade LARP - Ten years after leaving Kenosha en masse, the vampires have returned! What drove them out a decade ago, none of the elders will say. But apex predators don't cower for long... even if they should. Now, neonates and elders alike seek to not only reclaim the city for the Camarilla, but to be a domain independent of Chicago's rule. Such plans don't sit well with all, though. The vampires of Chicago and Milwaukee seek to use Kenosha as a pawn in their endless cold war. Rumors persist that the werewolves and hunters have returned and want to stop the undead menace. Can the force that drove them all out in the first place be far behind... or did it ever leave? Welcome to Kenosha.
- When: 4th Saturday of every month, Time: 6-10pm, STs are usually on site by 5pm for questions, character creation, etc
- Questions? Want to join? Contact the STs at

Saturday and Sunday 1/17 and 1/18 - Magic Prerelease Fate Reforged - Check back for details.

Saturday and Sunday 2/14 and 2/15 - Magic Game Day Fate Reforged - Check back for details.


2328 Roosevelt Road
(Hwy 50)
Kenosha, WI 53143

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Phone: 262-657-5655
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Store Hours**

Sun :Noon to 6pm
Mon :Noon to 9pm
Tue :Closed
Wed :Noon to 8pm
Thur :Noon to 7pm
Fri :Noon to 10pm*
Sat :Noon to 8pm

* The first and third Fridays of every month we are open to Midnight. Friday's are dedicated to open gaming. Bring your own game or play one in our library!

**Closed Memorial Day, 4th of July, GenCon Weekend, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. See our store news for the occasional unanticipated store closing.